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The Church in Ghana today is growing, and active in evangelism. Many evangelicals are entering the pastoral ministry. The picture in the mid 1960s was very different. In the few mainly English-speaking churches the Gospel was not being consistently preached, due to the ministry of the Scripture Union (SU) many new converts were not being fed in their Churches. The three or four SU Sunday afternoon Fellowships in Accra provided some support.

It was clearly with these needs in mind that Korle-Bu Community Chapel was established. In March 1967 a congregation gathered to worship in the classrooms of the Nurses' Training College of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Notable among the congregation were Dr & Mrs Felix Konotey-Ahulu, Mr & Mrs Gottfried Osei Mensah, Mr Titus Van Dyck, Mr Isaac Ababio, Mr William Ofori-Atta, Mr George Anim-Addo, Mr Samuel Edwin Tandoh, Mr Joe Yawson and others. So began the place where biblical truths could be preached clearly to all who came to worship there. For the first 8 years it was more of a fellowship without fixed a membership.

Korle-Bu Community Chapel became a local Church in 1973. Right from its inception the church has been keen on supporting Missions. Every year in August we have a Missions Emphasis Month in which we raise money for Missions in addition 10% of our General Funds go to the Missions Fund. We believe the Lord has called us to remain in the Teaching Hospital to minister to the needs of the community. These are doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, medical students, student nurses and paramedical students. The Church is quite strategically placed to serve as a significant ministry to these students to the glory of the Lord.

In 1990 we acquired a plot of land on the Hospital compound designated for a place of worship. In November 1996 we moved into our present place of worship between the Ministry of Health Basic School and the Bishop Bowers JSS on the Quarters avenue, Korle-Bu.
Korle-Bu Community Chapel still upholds the vision of the founding members.

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If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe. – Abraham Lincoln. The story is told of a young man who was hired to cut down trees as a lumberjack. The more trees he cut down, the more he was paid. Although he had never done it before, he was confident because he was big, strong, in great shape, and willing to work hard. The first day he got right to work and cut down 10 trees. The next day he went right to work and cut down eight. The third day he was only able to fell six trees. The fourth day his total was four. The fifth day he cut down only three trees. His total for the week was 31. He was discouraged. He had worked just as long and hard each day, yet his total kept declining. He noticed that during the same week an older, skinnier, yet more experienced lumberjack had dropped nine trees each day for a week-ending total of 45 trees. The new lumberjack approached the experienced one and said, “Let me ask you two questions: First, why were you able to cut down the same number of trees each day and my total kept declining? Second, I got right to work each morning and you didn’t. What were you doing?” The lumberjack smiled and said, “I can answer both questions with one answer. Each morning, I take time to sharpen my axe.” In some ways effective ministry is like cutting down trees. Highly effective Christians know the value of “sharpening their axes.” They take time each morning to meet with God in the Word and in prayer.”

DAVE EARLEY & BEN GUITIERREZ. Ministry Is ... How To Serve Jesus With Passion and Confidence. pp. 147 – 148